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14 Days of Harmless: Day 12 – Reduce Waste

At Harmless Harvest, reducing waste is built into our processesHuman beings are one of many, many species on our planet, and being mindful of how we use natural resources and its impact on others is vital.

Why we reduce waste. Less waste usually means fewer resources have been used in the first place. That being said, we recently developed our proprietary Multi-Step Micro-Filtration Process, the most environmentally friendly way to bottle our coconut water. Not only does it extend our coconut water shelf life, but resulted in a decrease in the amount of plastic used to package our coconut water by 24%.

How can you reduce waste? Food scraps don't have to be sent to the landfill—they are more valuable than we realize! Creating a compost pile is a great way to not only reduce waste, but also to allow nature to develop rich, fertile soil that can be reused to grow more healthy plants during the next growing season. Many cities and towns are setting up composting programs—so check out if yours is one of them.

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