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14 Days of Harmless: Day 13 – Give Forward

At Harmless Harvest, we believe in creating a better world for our children, grandchildren, and future generations to come. Through giving forward, we want to find new ways to utilize our resources to help make this vision a reality.

Why we give forward. Harmless Harvest is able to create delicious coconut water due to the knowledge imparted by countless generations that came before us. We'd love nothing more than to preserve our link in this chain, and continue the cycle of giving. We create fair wages for our employees to ensure that their lineage will be in a position to continue giving forward.

How can you give forward? There are an infinite number of ways to do so, but we believe the best way to start is by asking, "How can I best be of service?" We all have unique talents and gifts, and all live in different environments that contain different opportunities to give forward. By connecting with those around us, the ways to do so will appear.

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