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14 Days of Harmless: Day 14 – Spread Goodness

At Harmless Harvest, we believe in spreading goodness. From providing the best-tasting coconut water (goodness in a bottle) to our efforts in supporting local communities, we strive to continue spreading goodness. 

Why we spread goodness? For usgood makes the world go round. Being Fair for Life certified means we care about everyone involved in our supply-chain, but the good doesn't stop there. We do good business to ensure wepositively impact the environment, and inspire communities and individuals to do the same

How can you spread goodness? We can all spread good on a daily basis. Whether its packing an extra sandwich for lunch to share with a co-worker, picking a flower for a friend, or calling mom. A simple act can go a long way. Not to mention, spreading good by connecting with others can boost your physical and mental health, leading to a longer and happier life.

Share with us how you've joined the #HarmlessMovement by:

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It's that easy. Join the '14 Days of Harmless' now!

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