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14 Days of Harmless: Day 5 – Conserve Water

At Harmless Harvest, we’re passionate about conservation. Of all of the environmental resources there are to conserve, water might be the most important. 

Why we conserve. Water is a limited resource, and if we use more than our fair share, we leave future generations with an expensive problem. If they have to sanitize contaminated water or desalinate salt water, the economics of keeping a region hydrated might be unfeasible. We can save a little now and make a huge impact down the road. 

How can you conserve water? Consider how you use water throughout the day. Did you leave the water running while brushing your teeth? Do you bathe your dog with running water? Try turning off the tap while doing all of these things, or even limiting your shower to a one song dance party. We could conserve a lot of resources by taking these small steps.

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