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14 Days of Harmless: Day 7 – Support Farmers

At Harmless Harvest, we believe that organic farming is vital to the future of keeping billions of people around the globe healthy. 

Why we love farmers. Put simply, it would not be possible for us to deliver the world's most nutrient-rich coconut water to you without the diligent efforts of our farmers. Harmless Harvest is fair-for-life certified, which means we pay fair wages and support the well-being of everyone involved in making and sharing the coconut water.

How can you help support farmers? Learning about the supply chains of the food and beverages you consume is a great way to understand which products not only taste good, but also do good in the world we live in. Researching and getting involved with a local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) initiative is another excellent way to support local farmers — and get some delicious, fresh, seasonal food too, of course!

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