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Fair For Life: Healthcare for our Community

Harmless Harvest's Fair For Life certification is more than a simple stamp on our bottles—it’s a symbol of our mission. It represents our commitment to ensuring fair and positive relations with our employees, their families and communities throughout our entire chain of custody that creates our outstanding coconut water.

In recent years, social accountability, ethical sourcing, and fair trade have become important assurances for our global communityWe work with the Fair For Life team and the Institute for Marketology (IMO), an independent third-party organization with an outstanding reputation, to conduct annual audits of our ecosystem-based business practices, our sustainable sourcing methods, the processing practices at our plants, and our reinvestment in the local Thai communities where our farms and plants are based. These annual audits - like the one we just passed for 2016 - ensure that we continue to improve and expand on our Fair For Life commitments each and every year.

With over 200 Harmless Harvest employees located in Thailand, it is our priority to ensure their well-being. That is why we partnered with local leadership to learn more about specific needs within the different communities (because we understand that not all communities have the same needs). We realized that access to healthcare infarm areas and access to required school uniforms were pressing issues to our communities, so we made access to medical experts and school uniforms our priority. 

After numerous conversations with community leaders in Thailand, we established a mobile health clinic that travels to rural farmland communities and provides monthly screenings that would otherwise be unobtainable to most. To date, Harmless Harvest has been able to provide healthcare services to not only its employees, but to over 900 employee relatives and community members. Beyond basic health screenings, Harmless Harvest has also provided 386 uniforms to 193 school-aged children. Without the donated uniforms, these Thai children would not be able to attend classes or get a formal education. 

So the next time you see the Fair For Life logo on the side of our bottle, you'll know that we're doing our part to improve the lives of everyone involved in making Harmless Harvest.

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