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Happy, Healthy, Hydrated This Holiday Season

Hydration is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. According to a recent survey we at Harmless Harvest conducted, approximately 74% of Americans are not drinking enough fluids.

People get thirsty throughout the day and many are looking for alternatives that have more taste and nourishment than water. Harmless Harvest's proprietary methods preserve the naturally-occurring vitamins and electrolytes in coconut water (we never heat-pasteurize our coconut water or add anything), making it a delicious addition to anyone's hydration routine. 

To help Americans stay energized this holiday season, we launched a 32-oz bottle in November 2016. In response to consumer feedback, this larger bottle is designed for sharing with family and friends and staying hydrated throughout the day. 


Simple Ways to Stay Hydrated Throughout The Day:

1. Morning Hydration. Jumpstart you day with a delicious morning smoothie. Blending your favorite fruits and veggies with some Harmless Harvest coconut water makes for a quick and nutritious way to begin your day. 

2. Midday Post Workout Snack. Need an energizing boost after an intense workout? Grab a bowl of chia seeds and add some of our delicious coconut water, packed with natural electrolytes, for a healthy afternoon treat. 

3. Evening Cocktail. Unwind after a long day of work with a special Harmless Harvest Mojito, that contains our Fair For Life certified coconut water. Check out the video below for our simple recipe.

Ready to take your mojito to the next level? Try our twist for a refreshing cocktail-any time of the year.


To find the nearest store where you can purchase our new 32 ounce bottle that offers an easier way to stay hydrated, visit http://www.harmlessharvest.com/find-us/.

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