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How I Live Harmlessly - Katie Lemons, Twist of Lemons

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What does it mean to live harmless? For me, it’s thinking more broadly, knowing that the fingerlings of my decisions stretch far beyond my single person. From the products I choose to eat, and those I choose to store my food and drink in, I know that my food and wellness decisions have the power to be impactful. For this reason, I live harmless by voting with my fork and my dollar during each trip to the grocery store and walk to the kitchen. Whether it’s choosing local ingredients or bringing my own canvas bags to the store or market, each decision in relation to my food habits can result in a domino effect of great change.


Using all ingredients to their capacity, and transforming these ingredients even when others may think they’re use has been exhausted is one of my favorite ways to live harmless in the kitchen. I love to make my own almond flour crackers out of almond milk pulp, as well as make my own nut butters, nut milks, or fermented vegetables. There is something so satisfying (for both the soul and the taste buds) knowing I’m able to make something in the kitchen I traditionally used to buy in the store. Because food scarcity, poverty, and insecurity is so prevalent, I really hate wasting food. Stretching ingredients to their capacity and making them last longer in different ways is something I value immensely and is a large part of my encompassing definition of harmless living. That’s why I love Harmless Harvest and all of their products. Their new Coconut Probiotics are moving toward a zero product waste ingredient model, blending a coconut water base with coconut meat and live probiotic cultures.


Harmless, for me, also means choosing foods and products that don’t cause insult or injury to my individual biochemistry. I reach for foods and beverages that are hydrating, especially coconut water (as well as teas, and fruits, and vegetables), anti-inflammatory (high in omega-3 fatty acids and spices like turmeric, garlic, and rosemary) mood boosting (wild fish, chile peppers, watermelon, beets, apples, lentils, sprouts, and chocolate), and gut centric (pre and probiotic beverages like Harmless Probiotics and foods like sweet potatoes, beans, kimchi, and sauerkraut). Happy brain and happy gut are my goals. I value my brain first and foremost, and I eat a plant-centric diet high in good sources of fats (avocado, olives, nuts, flax seed, coconut oil, ghee, butter) and protein (organic and grass-fed meats, pasture raised eggs, wild fish, and legumes) to ensure I am thinking clearest and brightest. When I am eating harmlessly, I tend to do my best decision making, so as not to harm others around me with distracted, conflicted, or selfish actions. It is only when I feel my best that I can then go out and make positive change in my own community.

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