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The Harmless Harvest Difference: Find Out What Makes This Coconut Water So Special

Harmless Harvest was founded with a vision; to create an ecosystem based business committed to revolutionizing the food industry. We are dedicated to providing delicious, organic products that benefit the people involved throughout our entire supply chain of custody while continuously improving the processes and technologies that touch our product. This commitment is what has continued to allow us to create unique and impactful relationships with both the communities we partner with, and our planet.

This year, marks the third year of successfully passing our Fair for Life certification. Fair for Life ensures fair labor and Fair Trade practices in all certified business transactions. This means from seed to shelf, everyone involved in the creation and consumption of our product is well taken care of.  Through our Fair for Life commitment, we have worked with Thai community members to provide medical assistance to over 1400 farmers and since inception, over 1700 people have directly benefitted from the social programs we have put into place.

We believe that the best food grows organically, which is why we partner with local farmers that utilize traditional Thai farming methods to produce our coconuts. Using organic farming methods uses less water and is healthier for the soil, enabling us to maintain a symbiotic relationship with our planet for generations to come.

On our team’s last visit to Thailand, we documented the journey we have taken to create our Harmless Coconut water. We are excited to finally share this amazing footage of the people and planet we partner with!

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