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Beloved grandparents cracking open coconuts. Tropical vacations. Growing up among palm trees. There is nothing like familiar flavors and aromas to bring memories flooding back. We love hearing stories from people who drink our coconut water and are transported to happy times from their past.

Harmless Harvest fan Newton shared this wonderful experience with us:

It was back in the summer of 2010 when I got the opportunity to visit Bangka Island in Indonesia for the first time. This was a meaningful trip for me because this was where my dad grew up. It was very surreal being there, which it felt like I was dreaming the whole time during my stay in the country. On a sunny afternoon in Indonesia, I witnessed my dad climbing a coconut tree near my uncle's house to attempt getting a fresh green coconut off the top of the tree with a knife. It took a few tries but he managed to get it off the tree with the tool in his hand. We went to my uncle's kitchen to cut open the coconut in half. Inside the coconut had chunks of coconut meat inside. We first sipped down the coconut juiced contained in the fresh green coconut with our spoons. It was so refreshing to rehydrate our bodies with the coconut juice! To finish it off, me and my dad scooped up the chunks of meat that were inside the coconut. This was my first time eating coconut meat. It was fresh, tender and juicy! It was a wonderful experience enjoying a fresh green coconut with my father.

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