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Q&A with Fitness Expert Kathy Kaehler

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Kathy Kaehler, a world-renowned health and fitness expert who’s trained celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Michelle Pfeiffer - the list goes on! The former Today Show’s fitness guru shares her secrets to leading a healthy lifestyle (even if you’re busy!), the power of probiotics and more.


  1. How long have you been in the business?  

    1. I started teaching ballet in my basement while I was a sophomore in high school in West Bend, Wisconsin.  As a college student at Hope College ‘85 I taught some of the first choreographed exercises classes at a local gym to make money.  In 1988, I was honored to be employed by Jane Fonda as the fitness expert/trainer/coordinator for her Laurel Springs Retreat in Santa Barbara, Ca. I’ve been in business as an entrepreneur ever since!

  2. What made you want to become a professional trainer and fitness expert?

    1. I LOVE exercise and I LOVE people.  Putting them together is life magic.

  3. What is your usual morning routine?

    1. Depends on the day.  I have three boys, a husband and a bulldog that I manage, so some days I get to my favorite gym and do my workout - or I am at my computer with my favorite coffee elixir that I make myself and work my business.

  4. Do you have a go-to pre-workout meal or snack? A favorite smoothie recipe?  

    1. My favorite pre or post food is organic sourdough bread toasted with sunflower butter.  My favorite smoothie is using my USANA Chocolate Nutrimeal protein with a bottle Harmless Harvest coconut water ice and blend.  It makes me feel good, full, yummy in the tummy with memories of eating a Mounds Bar!!

  5. What’s the most important piece of advice for someone as they work to achieve their fitness goals?

    1. You can’t do it all in one day.  Listen to your body.  If you aren’t training for the Olympics take your time, you have your whole life to get there.

  6. Your clients often live very busy lives - a lot of the times living out of hotel rooms, etc. Do you have a certain workout that you give them as they’re on the go?  

    1. There is fitness activity no matter where you go.  Lunges down the hallway, taking the stairs, hip lifts with your feet on the bed, bathtub triceps dips, hotels always have gyms, motels usually have pools.  Just move your body no matter where you are.

  7. What’s your life motto?

    1. Be YOU!!!

  8. Do you have a go-to pump up song?  

    1. Anything BeeGees!

  9. Life can be a rush - how do you make time to give yourself the breaks that you need?

    1. Massage- deep tissue fascia muscle stripping massage.  Getting on a massage table itself is relaxing.  It’s all about having someone work your body, even though it can be painful at times. The residual effect is key - it makes it last until the next one.

  10. Probiotics are all the rage lately. How do probiotics help maintain a healthy lifestyle?

    1. Probiotics is the BUZZ word of the year.  The most important part of probiotics is getting the ones that actually can penetrate through the acidic belly to get to your intestines to finally live there and promote the healthy gut that we all want.  Why?  Because our gut houses 70% of our immune system which I call the army of health.  The “good” bacteria in there, the better.

  11. We all know it’s important to stay hydrated, but sometimes water gets boring. How do you mix it up?

    1. I love this question because SO many people don’t drink anything but coffee and soda.  Getting water in is a chore ONLY in the beginning.  It is like brushing your teeth, it’s a habit.  Creating this water drinking habit is great for clarity, sharpness, weight loss, constipation, skin care, muscle tightness, muscle soreness, headaches, and the list can go on and one.  Making water drinking fun can be made into a challenge or a game you play with yourself.  You can create different flavors like adding mint or lemon or cucumber.  My new love is Harmless Harvest Coconut Water.  The taste is delicious and what is amazing about coconut water is that it is loaded with potassium which many of us don’t get enough of.  Adding coconut water along with your water intake will add variety in flavor plus a healthy bonus is balancing your electrolytes.  


For more from Kathy Kaehler, be sure to check out her weekly podcast ‘Fit and Sexy For Life’ every Tuesday at 11am PT for the latest in fitness and lifestyle trends, celebrity workout secrets and much, much more.

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