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Fair for Life - for life

You’re at the grocery store walking up and down the aisle, browsing each item, figuring out what you want to buy or try. If you’re anything like me, you start to wonder about the product, and better yet, you start to think about each company behind all these products. Are they good and supportive to the environment? How do they make this product? What do they stand for? Where do their ingredients come from? Are they helping our world? You can choose any coconut water, at any store, in any bottle, that is not organic, but why not choose not only what’s best for you but best for our environment?! The moment I tasted Harmless Harvest coconut water I could tell the difference, just in the taste alone.

What sets Harmless Harvest apart? Not only are they an organic product but they have succeeded in obtaining the reputable and exclusive Fair for life- Social and Fair Trade Certification. Fair for life is a certification that combines strict standards for social accountability and fair trade for socially responsible companies. Harmless harvest is committed to paying fair prices for goods, as well as supporting the well-being of local communities. Harmless Harvest is a proud ecosystem based business, to ensure that everything they do benefits every entity involved; because even if it’s a little harder, or takes a little longer, in the end what’s best for the people is best for the planet and us best for the product. What is organic? We hear that word often and I am not sure many of us know what it really means. Simply stated, organic produce and other products are grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms, or ionizing radiation. Due to its delicate nature, coconut water is easily perishable. It should be kept cold when opened and exposed to air. Some manufacturers use extremely high heat to kill bacteria to extend shelf life of the water. This process destroys its vitamins, minerals, and enzymes—as well as flavor. While there are other ways to kill bacteria and still keep nutrients intact, manufacturers disregard more healthful methods. Harmless Harvest uses thousands of pounds of pressure to produce the water instead of the heating process. They do not thermally pasteurize their coconut water, which is super important.  

Harmless Harvest coconut water is my go to for all my outdoor activities and sports. Coconut water is packed with electrolytes, potassium, and magnesium. It helps me keep my energy levels up on the trail and hydrated in the warmer weather.  At high altitudes, I always need to be drinking twice as many fluids, when I have had enough water, coconut water my little bit sweeter treat. Thanks, Harmless Harvest for being part of my adventures while being respectful to our earth and communities.


About Jessica:

I am Jessica, a Utah native. I grew up in the mountains with every activity at your fingertips. I do hair and makeup as my day job and adventure on my free time. I fell in love with climbing mountains a few years ago, it became a passion for me. I felt so free and alive pushing myself past my what I thought were my limits. The feel of the fresh air with nature was the ultimate peace and I wanted to share that with others, so I started photographing beautiful places. It encouraged me to travel, see as much as I could and live life to the fullest. Thanks for following along with my adventures.


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