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Summer Hydration

By Guest Blogger, Lita Lewis

The Summer season is synonymous with outdoor activities and many of us like to take advantage of leading more active lifestyles in warmer weather. For anyone that loves a great outdoor adventure or those that are gearing up for summer league sports it is extremely important not to underestimate the need to keep our bodies properly hydrated.

Any type of activity in warmer weather often requires more than just quenching thirst with water. Although water is the preferred source of hydration, there are times when vigorous activities demand more from our bodies and therefore our bodies require more nutrients from our hydration source.

Coconut water is a summer essential and now more than ever is a popular and healthier option over traditional sports drinks. Needless to say, Harmless Harvest coconut water is my personal favorite that keeps my body well hydrated and packed with the natural nutrients I need for performance.

Although sports drinks are a common go-to I stay clear of high fructose corn syrup and added artificial sweeteners found in many popular sports drinks. I certainly place no judgement of one’s personally preference however for me it is important that I trust the products I consume and know my beverage is from a pure source and without excessive additives. Today, it has become second nature to reach for my favorite coconut water. Harmless Harvest coconut water contains five key electrolytes: sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. All key components of hydration and hydration absorption. Harmless Harvest has a refreshingly smooth taste and a satisfying sweetness that makes it both a delicious and nutritious choice for promoting good hydration.

Here are 5 key strategies to avoid dehydration during the rest of your Summer:

  1. Pack a water bottle; Having your water readily available to you makes all the difference when you’re thirsty, better yet, when you have water to sip throughout the day you’ll avoid growing thirsty altogether and thus helps avoid dehydration.
  2. Drink Coconut water! As we know, coconut water is packed full of electrolytes that are responsible for maintaining the right balance of fluids in our bodies. You lose electrolytes during periods of heavy activity and while sweating so coconut water will help replenish your electrolyte stores and keep you on your feet!
  3. Avoid drinking soda, tea and coffee; these beverages are diuretics, meaning you’ll be running to the restroom more than you want to! To avoid dehydration, you want to keep your fluids up, if you replace the fluids with more coffee, tea, or soda, you’ll be perpetuating a vicious cycle. Stick to water and coconut water.
  4. Eat a high fiber diet; Fiber is important for digestive health. It moves food through the intestines and helps to clean out bad bacteria and maintain a healthy gut. Lack of fiber can lead to constipation, and constipation can lead to more pressure on your bladder, which leads to more frequent urination and quicker dehydration.
  5. Staying hydrated isn’t just for exercise or doing physical activity. Remaining hydrated all day long is the key to optimal bodily function. You’ll feel better and perform better if you keep yourself hydrated throughout your entire day.

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