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Surfing and Sipping With Pro Conor Baxter

Conor Baxter Harmless Harvest

Aloha, I am Connor Baxter from Maui, Hawaii. I am a professional waterman and world champion at 22 years old. My main sport is Stand Up Paddling, which has taken me around the world to compete in various contests. I am also a surfer, windsurfer, and big wave surfer. Growing up in Hawaii, I was taught at a young age the importance of taking care of the ocean and the planet because it is my playground. For instance, my buddy Zane Schweitzer and I, like to challenge each other to the #pocketofplastic. Basically, no matter where you are, it’s as simple as picking up pieces of trash and putting it in your pocket to throw away later. It’s something that is so easy to do, and makes such a huge difference for our environment.

Being a competitive athlete, I am always searching for the right fuel. One of my toughest races is the 32-mile Molokai to Oahu race, which takes me around 4 hours to finish. During this race, I have my camel-packs filled to the brim with Harmless Harvest coconut water to keep me hydrated and energized to keep going across that channel. Not only is Harmless Harvest organic and free of any additives, but the natural occurring electrolytes found in coconut water is great for before, during and after any hard work out or contest. After training, there is nothing better than opening the fridge and having a refreshing coconut water to cool down. When I tried Harmless Harvest coconut water, I was immediately hooked on the fresh taste! It was the closest thing I had ever tasted to drinking straight out of the coconut.

My favorite way to start each day is with their new Probiotic drink made with both the coconut meat and water. As a kid, I used to help my dad climb up the palm trees in our back yard to cut down the coconuts. We would use spoons and spend hours trying to scoop out all the meat to use in a smoothie for later. Each time I drink one of the Harmless Harvest Coconut Probiotics it brings me back to those good old days. Except mine definitely didn’t taste as good and I love that it doesn’t take hours to make! Also, constantly being on the road definitely takes a toll on my immune system. Sometimes I have to be ready to go and race right when I arrive to another country after days of traveling. So, I rely on the probiotics to keep me healthy and in top shape so I can arrive ready to win!

I not only love Harmless Harvest because of their taste, but because they don’t compromise on ingredients or anything else. Harmless Harvest is a Fair Trade certified company that promotes fair working conditions and fair wages to all its employees worldwide. I love that I can feel good while drinking their coconut water, knowing that Harmless Harvest has done all they can protect the environment that I love and the people on this planet. I can only hope that future generations will be able to play and enjoy the ocean and our planet like we are so lucky to do today. Companies like Harmless Harvest are helping to make this possible by doing everything in their power to do good. 

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