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We believe capitalism can take two fundamental paths: constructive or destructive.

Our generation is witnessing the results of destructive capitalism. Rooted in natural capitalism and deep ecology, our ecosystem-based business ethos builds upon change-seeking constructive initiatives by companies such as Patagonia and Stonyfield. This model values and respects each person and community contributing to the creation and purchase of a product. It is understood that all stakeholders should benefit from Harmless Harvest, whether it be the plants at the source, the customer at the store, or any step in between.

Constructive Capitalism

An ecosystem-based business model fosters the long-term welfare of all its participants from plant to purchaser. Here's how we see it:

Business Model Guidelines

  • Capitalism does not have to be detrimental to the environment or the communities at the source.
  • Consumers should be given the best, healthiest products and the most affordable price.
  • Supply chains should be transparent and all agents in it should be held accountable

This approach relies on the investment of everyone involved, and likewise Harmless Harvestโ€™s investment in them.