It's this understanding that has guided our business from the beginning, allowing us to drive the industry forward with a string of firsts:

  • First U.S. coconut water to use Nam Hom coconuts, widely thought of as the tastiest varietal in the world
  • First U.S. coconut water to be 100% certified Organic
  • First coconut water in the world to achieve Fair for Life certification
  • First company to process coconut water using High-Pressure Processing (HPP) to avoid heat pasteurization (cooking/boiling) or citric acid additives, which greatly compromise taste
  • First to pioneer a Multi-Step Micro-Filtration Processing as the safest, most consistent and most environmentally friendly way to bottle coconut water


In keeping with our mantra that "the best can always be better," we built upon High-Pressure Processing, which we pioneered, to develop our proprietary Multi-Step Micro-Filtration Process. We worked closely with the FDA to deliver a process that incorporates the latest technologies from industries as diverse as dairy and pharmaceuticals to yield a product that achieves the highest levels of safety and quality, while preserving the optimal flavor, fragrance and nutrients of our critically acclaimed coconut water. In addition to unparalleled safety and quality, our micro-filtration process extends the shelf life of our product from 45 days to 60 days.

With a new processing method, weโ€™ve also decreased the plastic used to package our coconut water by 24%, proving our assertion that what's best for our product is also best for the environment.

Our harmlest harvest process

Making our highly perishable products requires best-in-class manufacturing practices. To maintain quality and prevent spoilage or souring, our products must ALWAYS be kept refrigerated.

Learn more about Multi-Step Micro-Filtration here.

Before we pioneered the use of High-Pressure Processing in juices in 2011, the only methods to safely bottle coconut water involved flash pasteurization (quickly boiling the water), which depleted nutrients and left a burnt taste, or to add the preservative citric acid, which gave the water an acidic flavor.

Neither of these solutions were satisfactory to us, so we established our own facility in the heart of coconut farmland and pioneered the use of High-Pressure Processing (HPP [link to appendix]) to obtain a longer refrigerated shelf life while still delivering the flavor and nutrients of raw coconut water.

When we started, we were one of the first companies to bring HPP to the juice category, but it soon became a new industry standard and was seen as the best way to consume delicious but perishable products in their natural state.

Learn more about High-Pressure Processing here.


We pioneer. We donโ€™t follow. We take risks. We make mistakes. We innovate...and sometimes we succeed.

One of our original to-do lists circa late 2011.

One of our original to-do lists circa late 2011.

failure is an option

Failure is an option

We are not afraid of failing, and we do. Nothing innovative or progressive happens without it. Each time we learn, we grow, and most importantly, we improve.