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With the never-ending confusion in descriptions and claims on beverage shelves, we thought the time was ripe to clarify what we make and how. We came up with the term “Harmless Coconut” to characterize all of the things that make our unique, award-winning and wildly popular coconut water.

So what is our Harmless Coconut®?

It is how we choose our ingredients
We use only Thailand’s Nam Hom organic coconuts, an exceptionally fragrant, tasty and precious variety that has been revered for centuries for its hydrating and soothing properties.

It is how we make our products
In our own facility in the heart of coconut farmland using proprietary extraction and bottling technology on site, coupled with High Pressure Processing (HPP) we pioneered in 2011 to obtain a longer refrigerated shelf life while delivering our award winning flavor and aroma.

It is how we treat nature
We are committed to organic and sustainable farming and believe it is part of the solution to feed the world without destroying the planet.

It is how we treat people
We adhere to progressive social practice across our entire supply chain and including 912 people around the world. We are Fair for Life (FFL) certified starting with our farmers and their community in rural Thailand. Check our scorecard here

Because the USDA offers no legal definition or certification for the term “raw,” there is no way for us—or any product—to achieve official certification that we are a raw product, so we are removing the “100% raw” language from our label. The last thing we want to do is create more confusion and copycats dilute such a powerful word and go the way of other meaningful words such as “natural". Yes, we are raw.

What does this mean to you? Since the product is essentially unchanged, all good things, actually:

  • Our organic Harmless Coconut® Water will still have the same high quality and extraordinary taste.
  • It will still be made with organic Thai Nam Hom coconuts that have been sustainably farmed and hand-picked to ensure maximum nutrient levels.
  • It will still be a non heat-pasteurized product.

Feel free to reach out with more questions at info@harmlessharvest.com or 347.467.0733

Thanks and stay harmless!

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