Fair for life

After four years of planning and work, Harmless Harvest succeeded in obtaining the prestigious and exclusive Fair for Life - Social & Fair Trade Certification in 2014. Fair for Life is a certification that combines strict standards for social accountability and fair trade for socially responsible companies. It ensures that Harmless Harvest is committed to paying fair prices for goods like our coconut water, as well as supporting the wellbeing of local communities.

Through our Fair for Life commitment, we not only provide fair wages and assured well-being for everyone in our "chain of custody," we invest back into their communities. And we will not do business with any entity that has cut corners at the expense of its workers or the environment. The independent Fair for Life board conducts extensive, yearly audits to ensure we're continuing our pledge to Fair for Life principles.

social and fair trade certification

For every coconut purchased, a mutually agreed premium is collected, pooled and reinvested into the community under the leadership of the community from farmer to plant worker. This is our way of sharing the welfare created with everyone throughout the chain of custody.

Since inception, we have established a mobile healthcare check-up unit that examined 776 Thai residents (80% of whom had never been to a doctor before). Next, the community voted to have us provide school uniforms to Thai children, without which they are unable to attend classes. School uniforms are very costly and are required to attend school. By letting the communities decide where the collected money is used, we ensure that we continue to generate positive impact with each passing day. 

What's more, we only work with farming cooperatives that share our commitment to protecting workers, their communities, and the environment. We have worked closely with farmers and workers accompanying them during their conversion to organic farming and the improvement of their organic practices, helping them develop a sustainable revenue.